Free your speech : Filewile

Réveil difficile ce matin. Enfin, tout à l’heure. Mais que beaux souvenirs en tête… Aujourd’hui, c’est vendredi et je n’ai pas oublié que c’est le jour où j’interroge les gens, de préférence musiciens ou artistes, en essayant de les connaitre un petit peu mieux. Je ne ferais pas exception et te présente Filewile, collectif suisse d’electro. Ou plutôt, je les laisse se présenter à toi…

1 Could you introduce yourself in a few words?
We’re Dustbowl & Dejot from Filewile, coming from the land of Cheese, Chocolate and Alpinedub.

2 Where does your inspiration come from?
From everywhere….of course we listen to a lot of music, not only electronic music….a lot of old dub, funk, 80’s rap and rockmusic.

3 What can you say about the Switzerland electro scene and particularly about the Bern scene?
For a small city like Berne, the scene is quite big. A lot of labels and artists: Dimlite, Round Table Knights, Audioporno, Benfay, Deetron, Benfay, Pola, Everst Records, Mouthwatering Records, A Few Among Others, Inzec, Morris Audio, just to name a few…

4 Preferred clubs there?
Retischule Bern, Wasserwerk & Dampfzentrale

5 And what about record shops?
Hmmm, it’s getting horrible now….the best one, Delan Records is shutting down end of the month. So there are only 2 or 3 left: Beam Recordstore is a good one and Layup the other. We have a really good 2nd hand store called Oldies Shop, which is really amazing.

6 Any project at the moment?
We are working on the new album for Filewile, release date is maybe…. September. And of course promoting our own labels Mouthwatering Records & Wankdorf Recordings. On Mouthwatering we’re just releasing the new 12″ from The Tape vs. RQM with Remixes by Chris de Luca & Kalabrese, and of course a Version from us. On Wankdorf, we are right now starting a 7″ series wich goes more into direction Indie Pop.

7 How do you work (machines, creation process…)?
Ableton Live, A lot of old Analog Machines…Roland SH 101, etc….and of course the Roland Space Echo wich is always in use. We also record guitars, drums, etc, live….

8 What do you think about the French electro scene?
Big right now! of course Ed Banger is everywhere….Busy P is doing a great Job, i (Dustbowl) especially like DJ Mehdi, Chromeo is great also. It’s not a new idea, but the production is so fresh, really diggin the production. But sometimes we have the feeling everybody tries to sound like this now, a little boring we think….

9 Who do you like to work with?
Radiohead and Roisin Murphy

10 What is your track/album/artist of the year 2007?

11 To end this interview, could you tell us a joke…
Haha, translate a joke from swissgerman to english, it’s difficult….try it with a short one, which i loved when i was a kid:
A Carcass goes into a Bar and do an order: Can i have a Beer and a Cleaning Rag?

Filewile – City Fitness

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