Free Your Speech # 2 : Robot Koch

Comme j’ai pu le constater sur place (il y a 2 semaines!), la scène berlinoise est une scène très dynamique. Il y a une foultitude d’artistes locaux et c’est vraiment difficile de s’arrêter sur un seul d’entres eux. Pourtant, Robot Koch sort selon moi du lot… Interview.

1 Could you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Robot Koch. I produce music. My band is called Jahcoozi. I have a lot of other projects cooking too… If I’m not on tour with Jahcoozi or Djing somewhere in the world I try to still find time to produce and remix other people and write music for film scores.

2 Where does your inspiration come from?
From music mainly. I hear something that sparks my imagination and makes me wanna do it my way.

3 What can you say about the German electro scene and particularly about the Berlin scene?
It’s a really vivid scene with lots of subscenes….It’s not just techno, like a lot of people think. There’s a whole new scene of people mashing up grime, dub, dancehall, techno, electro and what not and its really interesting…I’m glad to be here and nowhere else.

4 Preferred records shops there?
Hardwax is a classic. Round the corner from me.

5 Any project at the moment?
Tons… Started to work on the 3rd Jahcoozi album, still touring a lot. I’m making some really hot tunes now with Cerebral Vortex, Addiquit and Nomi to name a few… Plus there will be a new EP from the tape vs RQM out in a bit… Also watch out for my new mixtape…

6 How do you work (machines, creation process…)?
My main tool is Ableton Live but i have a lot of external gear too… Some Korg synths, some old bullshit Casio keyboards… Lots of plugins too….

7 What do you think about the French electro scene?
Heat! Tons of inspiring stuff coming from France. I feel a lot of that stuff…. Mr. Oizo is one of my long time heroes.

8 Who do you like to work with?
There’s many artists I’d like to work with… Vocalists…like Sia, mad villain bands like Radiohead or even Slayer. And Mr. Oizo:)

9 What is your track of the year 2007?
There were a lot of good tracks last year, bit if it has to be one:

Santogold – Creator

10 Are you more a “Saumagen” (plat local à base de saucisses – plat préféré d’Helmut Kohl !) or a “Currywurst” (plat à base de Curry) person?!!
More a currywurst person, but I don’t eat so much meat, so I guess I’m more a vegetarian curry type person.

11 To end this interview, could you tell us a joke…
I’m really bad at this 🙂

Robot Koch sera en concert le 16 février prochain à l’Affranchi à Marseille. Pas de date prévue sur Paris pour l’instant.

Vielen Danken Robot Koch!!

Amanda Blank – Get It Now (Robot Koch rmx)
Jahcoozi – Double barrel (Siriusmo rmx)

2 Responses to “Free Your Speech # 2 : Robot Koch”

  1. nina de zio peppino Says:

    J’avoue qu’à cette heure de l’après-midi et à ce jour de la semaine, j’ai décroché tous les postes, préparé une tasse de café, allum…une ci…,et écouté…une ambiance particulière. Quelques sons à la David Holmes…Curieuses mes oreilles!

  2. Robot is one of the best german producer!!!!

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